Tuscany at the roots of taste
Tuscany at the roots of taste

Corrado Benzio

Tuscany at the roots of taste

Tuscany, with its flavors, its traditional recipes and typical products, narrated in a guide that leads us to discover a land, famous the world over, to be visited and ''savoured''. Nine itinereries for an extraordinary voyage to find ''the roots of taste'': from historic Florentine cafès to the most famous wines, from the ''poor'' dishes of peasant tradition to centuries-old medieval recipes.
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Editore: Giunti
Collana: Fuori collana
Traduttore: Catherine Frost
Copertina: Cartonato olandese con bandelle
Pagine: 190
Dimensione: 126x223
Data di pubblicazione: 30/08/2006
ISBN: 9788809048065